Graduation Party

When I graduated from high school in 2013, I had a party to celebrate the occasion. I decided to request, in lieu of gifts, donations for maxyourbrain. With the help of my support team, we were able to host the event at a beautiful Toll Brother’s banquet center. We had my high school culinary team prepping and serving donated food from Gordon’s Food. 

With my neurosurgery doctors and other VIPs present, we contacted Channel 7 news to cover the event. Right after the guests had finished their first round of appetizers, my father called to attention the whole party. First we had a representative from the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Michigan, who spoke on how the generosity of donors enabled patients suffering from harsh illness to become “young hero’s.” To my surprise, I was also chosen and presented with a medal as the “2013 young hero.” Next, Dr. Muraszko, Head of Neurosurgery at Michigan, commented on the relationship she shares with her patients. She went on to explain the statistics and progress of medical advances from when I was first diagnosed until now. 

My father was up next to thank everyone for attending and for the support they provided when I was younger battling brain cancer. I introduced my neurosurgeon by sharing my hero story and expressing appreciation for everyone being there.