Our Story


Our mission is to raise funds and awareness for innovations in technology and brain cancer research to improve treatments for cancer patients. 

Founder -   

My name is Max Merget and I’m a brain cancer patient treated at the University of Michigan Mott Children’s Hospital. At the age of 3, I was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor called Ependymoma. The tumor took up two thirds of my head requiring surgery and chemotherapy to resect the cancer. Another tumor formed when I was 4 years old. Once more, I had brain surgery then radiation therapy to treat my cancer. Several years later my cancer returned at the age of 7 where I would receive my third brain surgery to eliminate the cancer. Following the third surgery, I continued to have yearly brain scans to check for tumors, which always came back clear. About to graduate high school and move off to college, my neursurgeon, Dr. Muraszko, called me in for an off scheduled MRI. After 9 years of clear scans, I was diagnosed for the fourth time with brain cancer on my 10 year mile marker of being cancer free. Due to improvements in research and technology, this fourth tumor was removed by a state of the art new treatment called Stereotactic Radio Surgery or SRS.

I created Maxyourbrain to improve the lives of future brain cancer patients by raising funds for cancer research and improvements in technology. I am thankful and aware of the medical teams that continue to improve treatments needed to fight this disease. I am able to live a full life and am passionate about my desire to help others.